Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.

Former US Mint Sculptor/Engraver

Coins Among Rogers' Credits:

"In God We Trust" - "Four words that I am honored to have sculpted on many U.S. Commemorative and Circulating Coins."

"Jesus Christ & Creation"


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The Artists Conception of Jesus as

Described in Early Christian Writings

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The 6 Days of Creation, See Detailed

Description Below

Former US Mint Sculptor releases an original 2 Sided, Gold Plated Religious Pendant with Chain; Celebrate both Testaments with Jesus & the 7 Days of Creation

The Artists' Vision of "Creation" Explained: The 6 Days that God

Labored Creating the Heavens & Earth



Limited Time Only!  This newly created Religious Pendant will not be available at this price for long!  


- 39 mm Gold Plated Religious Pendant Necklace

- Comes complete with jump ring, 18" chain in a gold foil box with descriptive

   insert as seen above


Don't miss your chance to own this beautiful Religious Medal at this Introductory price!




The Designs Behind The Religious Jewelry


The likeness of JESUS CHRIST which appears on the front or obverse of the pendant, is the artist's conception of the savior's image as described in early writings. Rogers said "My vision of Jesus is reminiscent of early Christian art, I did not want him to appear idealized, as in modern renderings."
The reverse design, titled "CREATION" encompasses the period of time that God spent creating the Heavens and Earth. Between God's hands, the upper right section depicts the world without form, and God said "Let there be light"!.

Continuing counter-clockwise, each day's work is chronicled by section as described in Genesis. The creation of Heaven; the forming of the earth, land and seas, and seeds to germinate into life; the separation of day and night; all manner of fish and fowl, the creation of all other beasts, with man being given dominion over all in a bountiful world. The seventh day id the day God rested from his labors, looked over what he had done, saw it was good and blessed it with his love! This day is symbolized by the heart in the center.




The "Creation" Stained Glass Panel







The "CREATION" design was first debuted as a breathtaking illuminated stained glass panel, executed by Margaret Rogers, Tom's wife, and installed in the Beatty Valley Gospel Mission in Beatty, Oregon. So numerous were the compliments, that Tom decided to extend the design to a medallic form, which encourages us all to "Celebrate the Testaments!"  


This Powerful Artistic Statement may be called by many names; Religious Pendant, Medal, Jewelry, Necklace or Religious Adornment.

The Jesus Medal is definitely a way to display your Love and Thanks for THEIR sacrifice and work.   This piece is truly a way to "Celebrate the Testaments".




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